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Business Challenges
Key challenges facing the Packaging Industry:
  • On-going cost pressures resulting from rising material, distribution and energy costs affecting your bottom line
  • Shortened lead times with continuing efforts to reduce time from quote to cash
  • Vendor managed inventories (VMI) creating increased demand on internal resources
  • Increasing frequency in schedule and order requirement changes
  • Antiquated software approaches to estimating, scheduling and system integration
  • Inefficient inventory ordering and record keeping creating challenges in managing supply chain within the JIT environment
  • Vast majority of the products are prescriptive to individual customers requiring significant SKU management
  • Increasing environmental regulations requiring additional manpower to ensure a 100% compliance a 100% of time
For further information on how PIKPAC can help you streamline your processes and lower your operating costs, please contact us at info.pikpac@ngtechinc.com.
Business Challenges
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