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At TechNext, we love automation. We believe automation will be a big part of the future, of the way we will all conduct business in the coming years. With automation, organizations can do more with less. The best thing about automation is that there is no scope of miscommunication or errors. Automated processes enable you to free your time, giving you the ability to enrich your decisions, expand your vision, and strategize goals with newfound capabilities.

AutomateNext is the arm of TechNext that is responsible for overseeing our automation projects.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is exactly what the name suggests. It is the practice of collecting and analyzing data to make meaningful interpretations. These can then be utilized to make informed and critical business decisions that propel your organization to new heights.

What We Do

From helping you measure your progress towards business goals to helping you identify the most pressing and influential customer insights, AutomateNext does it all.

How We Do

AutomateNext uses principles and technologies related to Big Data, Data Science, and Data Analytics to collect and analyze data points that mean the most to your organization.

Big Data

Let our tools and expertise help you sort, filter, and segregate enormous data sets so that they start making sense and can be utilized to derive potentially valuable insights.

Data Science
Whether it is priming data for modelling purposes or applying the right algorithms to derive useful insights, data science services by AutomateNext can address all sorts of needs.
Data Analytics
Let our data scientists and analysts take a look at your data and help you uncover hidden but actionable insights that you can utilize to accelerate the growth of your business.

Business Automation

Automation is the backbone of modern day efficient business practices. Application of technology to free up time and resources while improving the efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability of business processes is what makes automation such an amazing thing.

End To End Business Process Automation
Got a business process that guzzles time and resources but doesn’t add any value? Let our automation solutions take it off your hands.
Cloud Based Robotic Process Automation
Automate any business process that does not demand human creativity, empathy, or judgement from anywhere, with a single click.
Applied Design Thinking
Transform the way you develop products and solutions with better understanding of customer needs, quick prototyping, and free flowing innovative ideas.

What We Do

Automation lies at the core of the combined expertise of our team at AutomateNext. It’s what we do best. We enable our clients with this expertise, combined with state-of-the-art technologies that improve the efficiency and quality of output while reducing the need for management or human intervention.

How We Do

To put it simply, we do it with the help of technology. By either identifying the right technological solution or developing a new one, our experts at AutomateNext will automate virtually any business process. Don’t believe us? Throw us a challenge. We love those almost as much as automation!

Internet of Things

Also known as IoT is the growing web of physical devices connected to the web. This seemingly simple technology, however, is currently enabling entire industries and businesses to perform with more efficiency and safety. The application of IoT in your business is a critical step in ensuring your organization remains future-proof.

What We Do

AutomateNext helps its clients connect different aspects of their business to facilitate actions through the internet.

How We Do

The experts at AutomateNext make use of custom technologies and sensors to enable business processes, devices, and systems to be operated and controlled through the web. This enables our clients to create disruptive products and offer unique services to their customers.

Managed Services

Let our seasoned experts at AutomateNext manage and maintain your business’ IoT environment.

AI Based Conversational Bots
Let AutomateNext create a technology-powered Chabot for your organization that bridges the gap between human queries and technological answers.
IoT Solutions with Machine Learning
The experts at AutomateNext are equipped with the tools and the knowledge needed to deliver intelligent IoT solutions with Machine Learning integrations.

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