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The OptimizeNext arm on ConsultNext is built on the belief that no aspect of any business is absolutely perfect. There is always scope for the Next Best, or with more efficiency. To that end, we enable our clients to objectively identify instances of bleed, overflow, or redundancies within their organization. We help them make informed and calculated decisions that optimize business processes, technological solutions, and people skills to improve efficiency without compromise in quality of output.

Talent Optimization

As a business grows, strategies and business goals also evolve and so does the requirement of different skills and resources. Talent optimization enables businesses to adapt to these changes without having to downsize. Instead, it enables businesses to retain valuable resources that helped them grow in the first place.

What We Do

OptimizeNext enables businesses to retain their staff despite changes in business needs and requirements by helping them develop new, relevant skills and realign their aspirations to match those of their employers. This results in mutual growth of the company and its employees.

How We Do

OptimizeNext achieves this by training existing resources in the skills that the organization can use, and systematically shifting to new roles. At the same time, we connect our clients with new resources that bring previously unavailable skills to the organizational mix.

Right Sizing

From reassigning existing resources to new roles to hiring brand new resources, OptimizeNext will help your organization build the right workforce equipped with skills that are in alignment with your company’s goals.

Reassigning employees to new roles will sometimes require developing new skills. With a team of experienced trainers, OptimizeNext will help your employee’s reskill in a way that enables them to contribute to your organization’s growth.
Performance Acceleration
OptimizeNext understands the importance of quickly achieving results in today’s competitive business environment and enables your business to do the same with training and deployment of the right resources at the right places.

Technology Optimization

Being a technology first company, TechNext’s OptimizeNext is the perfect solution for those who want to adopt latest technologies that they can utilize to their completely realize their potential. Using our expertise in the field, we enable our clients to optimize technology-dependent legacy systems and custom software solutions.

Cloud Migration
Give your legacy systems a breath of new life and improve productivity, accessibility, and security by migrating them to the cloud.
Standard Solutions
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Digital Ecosystem
Let OptimizeNext help you build a digital ecosystem that connects all aspects of your organization and boost sustainability while being perfectly capable of scaling up or down, depending on the changing needs of your organization.

What We Do

Simply put, OptimizeNext ensures your organization is working with the right technologies, and that the people of your organization have the tools and the training needed to use said technologies as they were intended.

How We Do

OptimizeNext delivers technology optimization by customizing the technology aspect of the equation, while ensuring best practices are being applied to drive efficient results. At the same time, we also take care of the human side of the equation with operational preparation, organized deployment, and continuous performance tracking.

Business Optimization

Achieve your business goals quicker, with a more efficient set of business processes and plans. OptimizeNext enables you to identify points of friction and productivity bottlenecks and helps you eliminate them to make business processes more productive without compromising on quality.

What We Do

OptimizeNext helps businesses optimize their business for better productivity, enabling them to weather the storms of crisis while continuously and relentlessly moving towards their business goals instead of downsizing out of fear and panic.

How We Do

From helping our clients design and implement lean business processes to completely managing other processes that may fall out of your business’ core competency, OptimizeNext offers multiple solutions that enable our clients to become more cost effective and more productive.

Business Process Optimization

Eliminate redundancies and make your business processes more efficient with the help of OptimizeNext.

Business Process Outsourcing
Outsource the most repetitive and time consuming processes of your business to the experts at OptimizeNext.
Lean Process Development
Let OptimizeNext help you eliminate redundant practices and improve efficiency with lean processes optimized for quicker results.

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