Why work with a specialized staffing provider when you can put an ad on any number of jobsites

Aug 18, 2020Consult, Optimize0 comments

You’re looking to staff a critical position in your growing IT Department… You’ve recently implemented some major changes in the department and you need a person with specialized experience and skills..and you need them yesterday..sound familiar. You can take a job description and post it on a myriad of jobsites and hope the candidates you receive resumes from meet all of the criteria you have spelled out. With a little bit of luck and digging through many resumes, you might find the right one.

Before I go any further let me say the majority of the jobsites provide a valuable service to the companies that use them. Experience has shown that the complex world of IT staffing is constantly changing. It can be strenuous finding that ideal person in a timely manner with all of the skills and experience that are keys for success

Utilizing a database that numbers in the hundreds of thousands that is constantly being updated and added to is arduous. Our skilled recruiters will work tirelessly on your behalf to find several candidates that meet or exceed your job description. They then submit these candidates to the account executive who personally vets each person. These interviews before the client interview covers more than just skills and experience. They try to find out whether or not based on their discussions with you, our client, how this person will fit into your corporate culture among other things. Then and only then will the right person be submitted for your review…and the goal is to do this in 48 hours or less.

Let us demonstrate how we can become an integral part of you HR process.
You will not be disappointed. Whether it’s a month assignment to handle a complex data migration; a new director of your growing IT Department; or the right person to head up a critical IT project, who will manage your project from concept to successful implementation, NGT will be with you every step of the process.


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