Is your business pandemic proof?

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What is pandemic proof business? The goal of this particular pandemic plan is to make sure that you do not lose any sales or revenue because of any unpredictable crisis that could affect your business.

Now, for your business to implement this type of plan, you must first identify the current standing of the outbreak or emergency and how widespread it is. 

This way, you will know what kind of risk factors could affect your business. 

After you have done that, you can then come up with a reasonable and practical pandemic plan which will help your business stay healthy and safe.

So you think your business is pandemic proof? 

A pandemic proof business means that your business or organization is not only resilient but is also extremely robust and able to weather the worst that can come away. This is achieved by having an accurate, effective, reliable, and effective business strategy aimed at creating fresh, unique, and rarely-existent products and services. Marketing activities, such as using the web to communicate with customers and prospects, deploying the right marketing tactics and techniques also play a critical role here. 

Additionally, your company needs to be extremely flexible to adapt to unforeseen situations that may arise. Finally, it also needs to be highly organized, efficient, and effective in executing daily operations.

If your business is indeed one of the few companies in your sector that is truly pandemic proof, then you are in luck! You are at a great advantage when compared to businesses that are not on the same level as yours because you have an excellent business plan in place, which clearly outlines all of your company’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as any necessary adjustments to make. 

Now the question is “Is your business recession-proof or pandemic proof?”

So, what is the difference between recession and pandemic? 

Recession proof businesses are usually only prepared to deal with financial emergencies. However, a pandemic proof business is prepared for much more serious challenges, that may sometimes also involve financial challenges.

Here we will discuss some steps you should take immediately to make your business pandemic proof.

  • Prepare a pandemic active framework

The initial move towards making your business pandemic proof is shaping a team addressing all the imperative business capacities. Investigating the general significance of business exercises and sorting them into different levels for reaction or recuperation will be the primary goal of this group.

  • Try not to rely more on people than the system

Never oversee individuals, consistently oversee framework — it’s an E-Myth establishment rule that is as yet applicable and can assist you with overseeing things better. At the point when the world is going through an unpredictable crisis, individuals have become less reliable. So, better use frameworks rather than individuals.

  •  Audit the Finance Implications

Since the lockdown has been antagonistically influencing your business, you should re-examine your organization’s income figure and speak with partners like financial backers and providers if there are any basic monetary issues. Plus, ensure that your organization has the adequate working cash flow to brave the emergency. So increment the recurrence of working capital checks and search for credits or government helps for expanding cash inflow.

  • Review HR policies

Do you encounter an increment in the non-attendance rate? On the off chance that indeed, it is anything but a decent sign. Distinguish those basic staff and prepare to work without them—bit by bit decrease reliance from them. In such a circumstance, the ideal pace of the non-attendant is 40%, and you ought to be ready for that. Try not to adhere to your current strategies; all things being equal, be available to the progressions in representative commitment and work environment inclinations. Consider permitting additional wiped-out leaves and WFH (telecommute) or distant work.

  • Spotlight more on Markets that have been Effective for You

Presumably, nobody could at any point recommend you investigate new business sectors in a particularly unsure monetary condition. It is a finished exercise in futility and assets. Despite what is generally expected, you should zero in additional on the business sectors that have been viable up until this point. For this, you ought to find out about who all your potential clients are—burrow down profoundly to distinguish the specific specialty and produce items that your clients like.

  • Focus on bottom-line Products

On these pandemic occasions, people, just as organizations, are less centred around items they scarcely need or are costly. Since the economy is unsure, they need just those administrations or items that set aside the cash and are fundamental. Thus, centre around more affordable or primary concern items to turn out to be less disposable in this season of emergency.

  • Hold Customers through Engagement

You have assembled client trust and dependability over a period, which is a fundamental objective for any business. Also, you shouldn’t simply release them at this crucial time. Like whatever else, this time, as well, will pass some time. So it’s fundamental to stay in contact with your current clients through the method of correspondence they’re alright with. Keep them side by side of the most recent business improvement and the preventive estimates that you’ve carried out. Convey them how they will be ensured on the off chance that they visit your business or buy your item/administrations. You must guarantee them that you have invested each conceivable energy to keep your business alive and pushing ahead.

Simultaneously, you should likewise caution them right off the bat about the possible difficulties or postponements.

The world is battling against a phenomenal adversary i.e., novel Covid illness (COVID-19), which has left organizations and clients the same in the huge dimness. Yet, similar to some other things, this time, as well, will vanish without influencing a lot to your business in case you’re ready and take satisfactory insurance gauges from the get-go. So stay alert, stay positive, and make the perfect move at the perfect time. We are certain that the tips referenced above will help you make your business pandemic evidence.

In case this article does not work for you or you need more tips regarding this topic feel free to contact us and we will do our best for you.


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