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In a world dominated by technology, integrations can prove to be powerful assets, but only when they are done right. A good integration eliminates redundancies, prevents data leakages, and offers additional benefits to the user in multiple ways.

Integrate Next, another arm of TechNet, exists to make such integrations possible. Our specialization lies in diagnosing your existing systems and re-engineering them to work in tandem, creating a seamless and productive digital ecosystem for your business.

Data Integration

Data integration allows users to get a holistic view of everything that is happening around the organization, in one place. It also helps you keep your data protected, clean, relevant, updated, and most importantly, accessible.

What We Do

Integrate Next helps you integrate your legacy data with the digital data you may be collecting right now, or simply integrate data from different sources so you can analyze and identify patterns to make informed decisions.

How We Do

We do this with the help of data mining, data science, and cloud integration technologies. After understanding the needs of our client, our experts will make improvise your existing systems and if need be, introduce new ones, to make it possible to collect and view data from various sources and departments in one place.

Legacy System Integration

Old but important technology and systems slowing down your progress? Let our engineers integrate your legacy systems with the modern ones for a seamless experience.

Data Synchronization
Let the experts at Integrate Next synchronize your data from different sources, making it easier to analyze and giving your access to deeper insights.
Data Validation
Improve your chances of success by ensuring your data is absolutely free of redundancies and ready to be applied.
Get access to error-free and high quality data and lightning fast speeds with DataOps services by Integrate Next.

Software Integration

Software integrations bring the best features of multiple industry-leading software to your fingertips. Besides boosting productivity, software integrations are allowing modern businesses to do things, develop products, and offer services that were unimaginable until a few years ago.

Applications Integration
Let Integrate Next integrate your most used applications in a way that gives your complementary benefits of multiple apps.
SaaS Solutions
Integrate Next offers tailor made SaaS solutions that empower your business.
Mobile Enterprise Integration
Achieve seamless data exchange and optimized workflows with the help of mobile enterprise integration by Integrate Next.

What We Do

The right software integration, when executed with perfection, can help your business save hundreds of man hours while boosting productivity and the quality of productive output. Integrate Next simply helps you ensure such integrations happen smoothly, without interrupting the day-to-day tasks of the users.

How We Do

By applying lean processes and applying IntegrateNext’s superior technological expertise, we ensure your integrations function exactly the way they are supposed to, without interrupting your work. Bringing together the features of two software shouldn’t mean disruption in work. We ensure our experts work in the backend to achieve the software integration and implement the integration outside of your office hours to ensure a seamless shift.

Business Integration

Successful acts of mergers, acquisitions, and business expansions are powered by an equal contribution of innovation and experience. In the age of startups, Integrate Next identified that a gap exists in the form of lack of experience, acting as a deterrent to growth of brilliant businesses.

What We Do

We enable our clients to benefit from our rich experience of mergers and acquisitions and everything they entail. From setting up the right processes to ensure a smooth transition, to overseeing the technological aspect of a merger, Integrate Next will ensure your business’ journey to greatness is free of hiccups.

How We Do

We make the journey of mergers and acquisitions smoother for your business by consulting and ensuring the technological, people, and process aspects of the undertaking are executed to perfection.


Business consolidation consultation enables a smooth integration of resources, policies, and technological ecosystems.

Let our experience and expertise help you grow your business with lightning fast acquisitions.
Spin off Support
Integrate Next will support you successfully navigate the confusing process of profitably setting up a spin off.

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