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Creation is critical to growth. From the growth of an organization to the growth of the human society, growth is propelled by creation and development of new solutions. At TechNext, the act of creation and the process of developing something new excites us so much that we have dedicated an entire facet of our business to the same and have aptly named it, DevelopNext.

DevelopNext enables businesses with research that allows them to create products that consumers will love. We also deliver complete mobile apps and custom software solutions that address specific and unique needs of our clients, all developed using agile and accelerated techniques perfected with scrum collaborations and the latest market insights.

Application Development

Applications are a big part of our lives. After all, there is an app for everything right? If you think there isn’t, let us know.
DevelopNext will develop one.

What We Do

DevelopNext creates user friendly and intuitive applications that help simplify the business of doing business.

How We Do

Using methods similar to the development of software solutions, we develop applications by applying modern project management concepts to ensure timely development and delivery of a quality product (application).

Mobile App Development

Got a brilliant idea for a mobile app? Let us turn your brilliant idea into an equally brilliant application. Having already developed hundreds of mobile applications, we have perfected the process that lets us deliver high quality finished products (apps) in record times.

Web Design And Development
Support your brilliant app with an equally brilliant custom website. The website of your business is the online headquarter and must reflect the professionalism and expertise you bring to your clients’ lives. With our web design expertise on your side, you can rest assured about getting a website that is designed to floor your visitors with an incredibly positive first impression.
DevOps Implementation
Let DevelopNext make your development process more efficient by implementing collaboration and workflow techniques that we have tested on our own projects and products.

Software Development

Software development services by DevelopNext leverage our expertise in gauging clients’ needs and suggesting either an existing software solution that can be customized to serve their needs, or develop a brand new solution designed to address said needs.

Custom Software Development
Got a unique business problem? Let DevelopNext develop a brand-new, custom software to address your unique problem and eliminate it.
Standard Software Customization
DevelopNext will customize a software solution that already exists to address the unique needs of your organization, effectively solving your problem in a cost and time effective manner. As you may have imagined, doing this is more cost effective than building a brand new solution.
Support and Maintenance
Developing a software solution is only half the job. At DevelopNext, we also offer the expertise your organization needs for the upkeep and efficient utilization of custom software solutions.

What We Do

DevelopNext specializes in customizing software solutions to suit the evolving needs of your business. If there isn’t a solution that exists to serve the unique needs of your business, DevelopNext is equipped and ready to develop one, exclusively for you.

How We Do

During the past two decades, DevelopNext has developed, delivered, and deployed hundreds of software solutions for our clients. This experience enabled us to perfect the development process by leveraging lean processes powered by scrum collaborations and of course, an in-depth understanding of our client’s business.

Research and Development

Research allows intentional and purposeful development. It empowers businesses with the knowledge of current market trends and customer preferences, enabling them to navigate the VUCA of disruption world with absolute confidence.

What We Do

DevelopNext helps its clients analyze market trends to identify customer preferences and market gaps that they can address by developing highly targeted products and offering relevant services.

How We Do

DevelopNext does this by conducting market research with the help of technology and our own in-house resources. We also ensure that our clients are able to apply the findings of our research to effectively improve their business and development processes.

Market Insights

Let DevelopNext research and present you with dependable market insights that you can utilize to make informed business decisions.

Disruptive Technologies
DevelopNext will research disruptive technologies to find out (on your behalf) what made them successful. Implementing this information to your own development processes will enable you to create industry changing products.
Engineering Services
Let DevelopNext use its engineering experience and deep knowledge to empower your business by defining solutions to existing business problems and predicting future problems.

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