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The modern business landscape is more volatile and more competitive than ever before. Naturally, achieving success has become more demanding than ever before. Building your business into the next big thing involves the application of next level problem solving skills and innovations.

For the past two decades, TechNext, with the help of its consultation arm, ConsultNext, has enabled business across industries to outperform and outgrow it’s competition.


Access to cutting-edge technology, and the expertise to use it to an advantage, has almost become a basic necessity for businesses that aim to climb to the top. Being a technology-first brand, we understand the critical role of technology in shaping the modern business landscape, and the role it can play in the success of a business, given that you choose the right technologies and implement them in the correct manner. This is where the expertise of ConsultNext becomes relevant.

What We Do

ConsultNext enables businesses to select and implement the right technological solutions. With deep industry expertise that has been built on the experience of over two decades of providing technological solutions, ConsultNext has enabled businesses to introduce industry-disrupting solutions while helping our partners and customers to keep up with the rapid pace at which technology is evolving.

How We Do

From helping enterprises to move to the cloud to designing custom tech solutions that solve specific and long-standing problems, our team at ConsultNext has done it all. Equipped with the knowledge and the experience required to understand client needs and design the exact solutions they need, ConsultNext offers

Enterprise Software

Powerful enterprise solutions equipped with all the features your organization could possibly need.

Custom Solutions
Tailor-made solutions designed and developed to address the unique needs of your organization.
Digital Landscape
Connect all aspects of your business in a single yet powerful, capable yet intuitive digital landscape.
Cyber Security
Cutting-edge cyber security solutions that are primed and ready to protect your valuable data against cyber threats.
Cloud Migration
Bringing an enterprise business online can be a demanding task, but not with ConsultNext.
We help companies generate real results today and build a strategy that will endure well into the future.


Sometimes, overcoming long standing business challenges and reaching new milestones demands the eye of an external expert and ConsultNext offers exactly the kind of knowledge, sophistication, and understanding you need to take your business to the next level.

Management Consulting
Let us help you improve the output of your business processes without burning through your resource reserves.
New Product Development
Developing products that consumers will love requires an objective view of market conditions and how the product fits into them.
Project Management
ConsultNext has the resources and the expertise to handle any project, regardless of the industry.

What We Do

ConsultNext enables businesses to do more with less. With our business consulting services, we help businesses unleash their full potential and become more productive and more sustainable at the same time.

How We Do

From using our experience to improve processes to helping streamline the way things are managed, there is a ConsultNext expert with the know-how and the skills needed to improve any and every facet of a business. We help you overcome business challenges by providing an objective view of your problem, highlighting points of friction, and suggesting the best course of action to get your business out of a rut, or to simply accelerate your growth.


Legendary businesses are built by legendary people. In our existence of two decades, we have had the pleasure of working with some truly brilliant minds. Thanks to that, we have been able to perfect the process of finding the right resources for any job and now, we are bringing that expertise to your business.

What We Do

ConsultNext empowers your business by fulfilling its critical resource needs with resources that aren’t just an ideal fit for the job, but also an ideal fit to your company culture. Be it a full-time resource or some temporary project-based help, ConsultNext will ensure you’re working with only the best.

How We Do

Every candidate that ConsultNext introduces to your business or project goes through an exhaustive selection process that is designed to filter candidates by testing them on their technical capabilities, ability to assimilate to a new company culture, and their general employability. At the same time, ConsultNext also offers its expertise in upskilling your existing workforce to help them, and your business, stay relevant to the constantly evolving business environment.

Talent Sourcing

ConsultNext helps your business find the right talent to address your business needs.

Smart Recruiting
AI powered recruitment that speeds up talent acquisition while reducing the cost.
ConsultNext helps you ensure your workforce and its skills stay relevant, despite volatility in the business environment.

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