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Circular Manufacturing in the Digital World

Sustainable manufacturing or Remanufacturing in a circular economy for many companies is now an overarching manufacturing paradigm. World Class Manufacturers are using circular process not only to reduce cost, energy, raw material usage, GHG emissions but also to broaden aftermarket sales offering, service part sales, improve branding, reduce warranty costs and protect IP. Whatever the drivers are for an enterprise, progressively companies are realizing the importance of remanufacturing for top and bottom-line growth.

Our expert consultant has worked with two of the largest OEMs in the industrial sector and subsequently with four of the large Global IT service providers over his 30+ years career. A passionate and motivated business leader with diverse experience and proven track record in Management Consulting (Operations), New Product Development and IT lead business transformations. He brings this multi-provider and his corporate experience to each and all discussions to best resolve business and IT challenges. Our expert consultant is winner of many corporate awards and holds multiple patents for designs he has pioneered. His articles in this field of circular manufacturing have been published in many manufacturing publications in recent times. As a thought leader in sustainable manufacturing for Circular Economy our expert has consulted with World Economic Forum and McKinsey and Fortune 100 clients.

Rajesh Krishnan

Systems Thinking, Agility Planning for Merger & Acquisitions

Aqeel Rizvi

In the fast-changing business world, it is critical that the technology is not just responsive, but, forward looking and pro-active. In 2020, with short notice, the “lock-down” happened due to COVID-19. Entire teams had to work remotely. Most companies were not prepared for such a quick change. Additionally, eCommerce took on new significance. Our consultant had already prepared the infrastructure (as part of the Business Continuity Planning) so entire teams could work remotely at the start of the “lock-down”. Leading from the front our consultant established an eCommerce platform so the client’s products could be purchased from their web site and shipped to the customer’s site with minimal disruptions.

 With 30+ years of extensive IT Consulting experience, his expertise also includes Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). In the Private Equity’s M&A business space, the pace is fast and the timelines for improving EBITDA are tight. In such an environment, our consultant has conducted over a dozen IT Due Diligences. Post-acquisition, he managed the integration of the acquired company into the parent company’s systems and infrastructure to eliminate duplicate functions thus improving EBITDA. He has managed the implementation of a wide variety of technology initiatives, i.e., ERP and eCommerce implementation, SOX Compliance, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity etc. He has aligned IT departments to become more integrated and responsive to the evolving needs of the business and is a veteran in Crisis Management planning.  He has worked at two of the largest technology companies with end customer facing responsibilities; thus, his solutions are very customer focused.

Field Services & Mobile Workforce Management 

Providing a superior customer experience while keeping operational costs under control are paramount for services organizations that want to compete in the digital world where customers demand immediacy of information and fast response times.   Enterprise Field Service Management (FSM) and Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) software offerings allow companies to streamline their services operations by automating scheduling and dispatch of field service technicians taking into consideration many factors such as service demand, job duration, technician’s skills, asset location, travel time, etc.  They enable service organizations to improve customer experience by implementing shorter service time windows and achieve superior KPI service metrics, keeping visibility and control of their field resources while minimizing operational costs.

With over 25 years of experience in the high-tech sector, our expert consultant has worked with two leading FSM software providers and during the last 9 years has helped dozens of organizations evaluate, implement and adopt Field Service Management and Mobile Workforce Management solutions that integrate to their back-end enterprise applications to deliver best-in-class service and superb customer experience.  A thoughtful business leader, relationship builder and skilled negotiator, he has helped companies in the Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy sectors leverage digital technologies to gain operational efficiencies that increase competitive advantage, improve customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth.

Carlos Robledo

Data Monetization with the Power of Analytics in the Digital World

Preeti Pandu

Most companies operating today are overwhelmed with data. Current study shows that only about 8% of global companies worldwide are actually monetizing the data to its full extent. Insights generated from data can be useful in many aspects, and can be leveraged in understanding the customer behavior, customer segmentation for targeted marketing, demand planning, price optimization, resource optimization and many more to increase the revenue and reduce the cost and cycle time.

With more than 20 years of experience in analytics and data science, our expert has helped many companies to build their Center of Excellence, by training their employees on the real-life use cases, set up analytics practices and helping in hiring the right resources. Our expert is certified for conducting corporate training. She has conducted workshops in USA, Canada, India, Dubai, Sri Lanka and most of the Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines on Analytics, Machine Leaning, and various analytics tools like SAS, R, Python, Microsoft Azure ML, Tableau and Power BI. As a consultant our expert has helped our clients to monetize their data by achieving improved demand forecasting accuracy by 50%, built models to predict future purchasing patterns or volumes for a B2B e commerce client and helped optimizing resources by effective rostering/resource planning.

Global Supply Chain Management in the World of Disruption

As the world recovers from the pandemic and as we wake up to a world of constrained supply, most if not all companies will be reviewing for vulnerabilities across the value chains.  The supply chain disruptions are vast and have crippled companies and will continue if a deeper look is not done to understand from where the constituent parts are coming from across the globe.  This includes all tiers of manufacturing and supply. A review of critical components sources of supply (regional Vs global) and laying out the deep manufacturing locations and how the chain is designed and operating through an end-to-end mapping becomes very critical.  Companies that understand this well and design a product end-to-end value chain that is agile, flexible and risk averse will win the customer loyalty by providing competitive product availability at lowest total cost.  This can be accomplished with good leadership vision that consistently works on risk management and has the tools and methods that give them visibility of the end-to-end value chain.

Our supply chain expert consultant has 30+ years of extensive multi-disciplinary expertise working with the world’s largest construction equipment manufacturer (Caterpillar) in areas of product design, analysis, purchasing, product cost, quality, manufacturing start-ups, product & component sourcing and global supply chain management.  He conducted competitive benchmarking by tearing down competitor machines to elemental levels.  He analyzed strengths / weaknesses of components/systems and generated project portfolios to improve cost position while maintaining or leap frogging the value proposition of the product. He has held several leadership positions during his tenure and this includes product development engineering manager, component-sourcing manager for a $2B division, manufacturing manager responsible for plant start up in China, global supply chain director for components, and finally supply chain director for engines manufactured in TX and sourced to all divisions worldwide.

Bhaskar Nagaranthal