How have Cloud migration services made the cloud security business easy?

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As the technology is advancing, more and more companies are turning on to cloud migration services, to explore tremendous opportunities cloud computing offers for business growth. As we go further into the topic, we find that cloud computing is majorly spread into various services; of which cloud migration is a significant one.

The need to “migrate”:

Whether installing a new software centrally, or even to upgrade the systems, Cloud Migration makes it easy to move the data, applications, and other components hosted on servers to a cloud-based infrastructure. People may have a perception that it is not a good idea to implement the cloud migration strategy, but eventually, it turns out to be productive, effective, and efficient.

Many factors append to the aspect of cloud migration services,

  • where big companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have mature cloud computing and data center technologies.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) – It is scalable without restricting the paradigm of geographic and online expansion.
  • It reduces the cost of infrastructure, with more capacity to expand, minimizing downtime, cost, and loss.
  • Reliability in cloud computing is considered to change the paradigm of organizational value.
  • Cloud computing gives ease of use for the employees from remote locations, for greater agility using the internet. For better control over the operations, cloud computing aids in tracking the underlying software
  • Secure infrastructure is something that every organization is concerned about, enabling safe and informed transactions. Regular database backups and servers enable cloud overall better security than its customers have on-premises.

The Checklist:

A basic yet important checklist to be taken care of by any organization to deal with cloud infrastructure to make it ready for the future –


Pick the right platform
Based on the current configuration a company operates, a right platform with various aspects like the database, cloud environment, would substantially affect the performance of cloud infrastructure.


Choose the right License
Variables like software license play a vital role in hosting apps, adjusting virtual processor to count for overall performance.


Take care of Major Security certificates
Operating with zero tolerance to verify security through SSLs is a major drive to take care of a new cloud environment where the cloud migration has taken place.


Keep a check on IP Addresses
Changing IP addresses during the cloud migration process is generally an inevitable problem faced. This challenge is needed to be addressed by creating a thorough IP Address set prior to the movement of the data so that dependent sockets wouldn’t be disturbed.


Review access control dependencies
Regulating users and the activity on the network, with ever-changing IP Address the migration would impact dependencies. Customer traffic, backups, monitoring will have to be evaluated for cloud migration.

In an event of an inevitable incident for the cloud environment, it is very important to have a complete analysis to trace out any case of a culprit activity. To sum up, I’d rather say a complete and comprehensive plan is needed for successful and efficient cloud migration to achieve higher business goals. Every other company dealing with the cloud has started with cloud migration, did your organization leverage the advantage of “Cloud migration” yet?!

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