CareNext Delivers Care Packages amid the Pandemic to those in Need

May 18, 2021 | 0 comments

CareNext exists for one reason, for the betterment of the society that has allowed TechNext to thrive and become successful. To allow our resources and donations to work towards this betterment with singular focus, CareNext grew as a branch of TechNext.

We are proud to report that this step has enabled us to give back to the community that helped us thrive as a business for 20 years. CareNext undertakes a myriad of initiatives but we are especially proud to announce that we were able to help when the pandemic had started plaguing our world.

2020 has been a fateful year for most of us and we at CareNext, are happy that our efforts positively influenced at least a few lives during this difficult year. Here’s an overview of a few of the things we were able to achieve:

Distribution of Relief Packages During the COVID-19 Emergency in Hyderabad, Kashmir, and Delhi

The COVID-19 pandemic came and disrupted everything in almost an instant. Businesses and professionals from all walks of life suddenly found themselves cut off from the sources of income they depended on. This, coupled with the nationwide lock downs were especially hard on our less privileged countrymen who had traveled away from their homes in search of work.

As gut wrenching as the situation was, it was also heartwarming to see how the entire nation came together to help their fellow citizens.

When everyone from celebrities and politicians to working professionals fortunate enough to comfortably sail through the emergency was pitching in to help, how could CareNext stay behind. CareNext provided a common platform for different organizations, influencers and professionals to join hands and contribute. The greatest challenge was to ensure that the relief reached the right people at the right time.

With implementation of Custom Technologies and the Process of data gathering and Analysis, CareNext ensured we could provide Timely Help to the thousands of families facing crises in Hyderabad, Kashmir, and Delhi.

Government volunteers and locals alike came forward as the real heroes in the relief work proving once again that unbreakable will, resilience and empathy for one another make humans the ultimate survivors.


As a result of our own efforts, combined with the invaluable efforts contributed by the volunteers that partnered with us, we were able to deliver over 5,000 Relief Packages to those who needed them the most.


Our team at CareNext realises that the help we were able to deliver and offer was a mere drop in the ocean, especially looking at the condition the pandemic has created in our country in 2021. However, only when we as humans come together and help each other, can we overcome this pandemic.

We hope that our efforts made things at least a little better for at least a few people, but more than that, we hope that our efforts inspired our countrymen to do what they can to help others, and add their own drops of help to the ocean.

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