Mental Health Awareness Campaigns

May 18, 2021 | 0 comments

At TechNext, we understand the importance of mental well being in leading a healthy and happy life.

To that end, we make sure we are paying due attention to the mental health of our own workforce. We also understand the contribution of a healthy mind in being productive and creative in the workplace and place a lot of importance in ensuring the mental well being of our employees.

The experts at TechNext are able to consistently delight our clients because they are happy. However, when the pandemic hit last year, a lot of us found ourselves isolated alone within our homes.

While it was surely safer than venturing outside, staying alone for prolonged periods of time can have an adverse effect on anyone’s mental health.

Thankfully, at TechNext, we were working with remote resources long before it became a necessity. As a result, we were in a relatively better position to detect this remote working challenge early on and address it with efficiency.

Then it hit us.

We’re not alone in this. People all over the country are struggling with similar problems. It also dawned on us even in 2020 there is very little awareness about these crucial matters in our society. Look at these stats:

Even before the pandemic hit, it was estimated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that about 56 million Indians suffer from depression. Another 38 million struggle with some kind of anxiety disorder.

With the isolation requirements and the constant badgering of negative news on social media and other channels of information, it is a safe assumption that these numbers got a serious boost during the pandemic.

At the start of the first national lockdowns, WHO predicted that roughly 20% of the entire population of India will be battling a mental illness. To put this number into perspective, 20% of Indian population is more than the entire population of Uttar Pradesh (the most populous state in the country).

CareNext Creates Awareness About Mental Health Issues

Knowing that awareness is the first step towards creating change, we decided to do our bit in spreading awareness about the realities of mental health through CareNext.

CareNext organised virtual mental health awareness campaigns with the aim of informing and makingour audiences aware about mental well being while spreading some positivity with specially prepared musical performances.

Additionally, CareNext arranged free psychological consultation sessions for TechNext employees. These sessions were led by professional psychologists associated with Team Aab-E-Rawan, an NGO from Srinagar, dedicated to battling a variety of social problems, including the low awareness of mental health issues and mental well being.


In 2021, we continue to find more innovative ways to make more people aware about the strain that mental health issues are putting on our society. We also encourage you to educate yourself and those around you about mental health issues so that instead of looking the other way, we as a society can start addressing and alleviating them.

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